How to secure budget for your data & AI literacy initiatives? 

An interview with Gorkem Koseoglu, about his personal experiences, expert strategies and the best first-hand insights on how to secure funding for these initiatives.

data culture webinar

Looking for ways to create great business cases? 

After this session, you’ll be armed with tools to make your CFO and stakeholders see the magic in data, analytics, and AI, even if they’re not fluent in the D&A language! Let’s jump into the highlights of the conversation:
  • Is it critical for organisations to invest in the skills of their employees to build strong data and AI skills?
  • Gain insights from Gorkem’s achievements and challenges in creating data and AI programs.
  • Receive practical tips and a step-by-step procedure on how to secure the budget.
Catch Gorkem’s insightful responses to these questions and beyond in the entire episode!  Access the webinar now via the form below.

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