Case Study
How Uber employees use 20x more data in decision-making

Uber’s analytics team was flooded with requests from Operations Managers on how they could explore important data sources.

Although reports and dashboards were available, Operations Managers at Uber knew that the best and fastest decisions could only be made by exploring the data. Uber tried educating the professionals through meetings, coaching and how-to guides, but this was not enough.

Uber needed a solution to make its global workforce data-driven at scale. Through hands-on upskilling on our platform, thousands of Uber employees now use data in their daily work. Operations, Marketing and Product teams use it for planning and decision-making.

Download the case study and learn more about Uber’s journey to data-driven decision making.

Download the Uber Case Study

Uber managed to upskill over 24.000 employees in data-driven decision making. Learn more about how we made this happen.