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Data Consumers know the fundamentals of data-driven decision making and understand how to read charts, extract simple statistics from data, work with interactive dashboards and interpret reports at your organization.

Data Consumer Courses

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Data Consumer

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Data Literacy Fundamentals

Data literacy empowers you to make great decisions fast. It is the key skill of the future and will boost your career growth. In this course you will learn why data literacy is important and how you can use data for decision-making. You will learn how to ask the right questions and how to form a hypothesis. Finally, you’ll learn about the different types of data analysis and what analysis you need for your decision.

Reading Data Visualizations

In data-driven organizations anyone reads and interprets data visuals on a daily basis. This can be charts, reports and dashboards. In this course you’ll learn how to quickly and accurately extract the most important information from data visualizations. You will learn how to further drill down to get the insights, decisions and actions you need. This way you can make the right decision every time.

Experimentation Fundamentals

With A/B testing you can compare behaviour between two test groups, one that has been exposed to the new development, the other that remains with the original product. Successful organizations like Uber and run in hundreds of these experiments at any given moment across different products and segments. In this course we’ll explain you what A/B testing with examples from business. You’ll learn how you can use experimentation for better and faster decision-making. By the end of the course you’ll understand where A/B testing and experimentation can help you in your job.

Data Storytelling

The ability to effectively communicate with data is getting more and more important in today’s world. Transforming data into charts and graphs is only one part of data storytelling. It is just as important to tell a story with the numbers. In this course, you’ll discover how you can turn your insights and data visualizations into powerful data stories. You’ll learn to structure your insights as a data narrative. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll also be introduced to the common mistakes you’d like to avoid in data storytelling.

Data Governance Fundamentals

Understanding data governance is crucial in the digital age where data is a competitive edge for organisations. Mastering the principles of data governance elevates your decision-making process. In this Data Governance Fundamentals course, you’ll start by exploring what data governance is, its core principles, and why it’s important. You’ll then move on to practical aspects, including real-world examples and common issues, to see how effective data governance can be implemented.

AI Fundamentals

The field of AI is developing fast. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Large Language Models – it’s hard to keep up. In this course, you’ll discover how machines actually learn and what their limitations are. In a practical and hands-on way, you’ll discover popular algorithms and learn where AI can create value in your organization in a sound, reliable and secure way. With this you’ll be able to translate business opportunities into AI algorithms and models.

“The partnership with Data Booster was in one word amazing. We could not only benefit from an excellent data upskilling program tailored to our specific needs, but also the communication between our employees and the Data Booster team was great. They inspired our employees to get the most out of the courses and always responded fast – even with new feature launches on their learning platform. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited about expanding the partnership into a wider range of data topics, like Machine Learning and AI, experimentation, and Data Leadership.”

Daniel Bos
Director of Data & Analytics
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