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Data Consumer

Learn the fundamentals of data-driven decision making and understand how to read charts, work with interactive dashboards and interpret reports at your organization.

Data Consumer Courses

We customize the courses you need with your business questions, metrics and data

Data Consumer

Choose the courses that bring your Data Consumers the skills they need to succeed in your organization

Data Literacy Fundamentals

Data literacy empowers you to make great decisions fast. It is the key skill of the future and will boost your career growth.

Reading Data Visualizations

In data-driven organizations anyone reads and interprets data visuals on a daily basis.
This can be charts, reports and dashboards.
In this course you’ll learn how to quickly and accurately extract the most important information from data visualizations.

“PowerPoint presentations and in person sessions didn’t scale since it would take months to educate our global operations team. We needed a solution that allowed us to reach as many users as possible and educate users at their own pace.”

Lyle Adams
Analytics Manager

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