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The customized courses on our data fluency platform enable your professionals and teams to make data-driven decisions.

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Our data fluency platform is used by 10.000+ learners around the world 

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With the customized courses on our data fluency platform we train your teams to use data to drive decision-making. We make sure your employees understand the metrics that contribute to your business growth and enable them to immediately apply the learned skills back on the job.

Your customized data fluency program

We work closely together with your team to deliver your customized data fluency courses


Based on your goals we design your customized courses on topics like data-driven decision making and data storytelling


Our experienced course creators will work closely with your analytics team to develop your world-class data fluency courses


After development we onboard your learners to our online interactive platform – we will measure the results for you

Why Data Booster

 Leaders in Data, Analytics and Learning & Development choose Data Booster’s data fluency courses to make their organizations more data-driven


The courses feature the important decisions, data and  metrics of your organization – learnings can immediately be applied back on the job


The interactive courses with hands-on exercises and engaging storyline lead to high completion rates and course reviews


 Our platform is perfect for scale-ups and corporates – you can upskill large numbers of employees and make sure new hires deliver value from day one

Data fluency

Why you should start upskilling your workforce today

Drive better decisions with data

Research shows that only 21% of the global workforce are fully confident in their data literacy skills. When you increase your employees’ ability to read, understand, question and work with data, your organization will benefit from better decision-making.

Beyond the analytics team

Every team requires data analytics, so data fluency should go beyond your analytics team. When professionals in Product, Marketing, Operations and Finance can explore data themselves, important questions can be asked and answered fast.

Improve business performance

The data itself is clear on this: data-driven organizations have a 5%-6% greater output and productivity than their less data-driven counterparts. Increased data literacy will sharpen your competitive edge.

Meet the founders


Wouter Neef

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Impressed by Uber’s data-driven culture I decided to make its customized data fluency courses available for organizations who want to disrupt their markets with fast decision-making 

Remus Racolta

Founder & Chief Product Officer

From my experience as Head of Analytics I know that analytical skills should go beyond the data team: a true data culture can only exist if every employee can access and work with data and analytics

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