Case Study
How Skyscanner makes multi-million pound decisions more data-driven

Skyscanner is flying high—but believes it can fly even higher. You can put a multimillion-pound data infrastructure in place, but what if it is only being used by the data team?

Skyscanner realized that it needed to find an approach to get its business teams across the world on board for data-driven decision-making. The company teamed up with Data Booster to boost the data skills of every employee.

In the program, Skyscanner used customization, hands-on learning and community-building best practices. 

Download the case study to learn more about how Skyscanner benefited from Data Booster’s unique approach to data literacy upskilling.

Download the Skyscanner Case Study

Skyscanner used Data Booster to improve data-driven decision making. Learn more about how we made this happen.